Namaste’ing Next to Wayne Dyer

I’m a self-proclaimed yoga junkie. Yes, I’m addicted to Omming. Bikram. Ashtanga. Hatha. You name it, I love it. I started practicing yoga when I was a teenager in the ‘80s (a dead giveaway from this shiny leotard I’m sporting, circa Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s get Physical” era). Yeesh.

At 13, I also suffered from an aversion to smiling. It’s worth noting that I’ve gone 180 since my teen years. It sounds cliché, but smiling is infectious. When you are happy and energized, it sets the tone of your day and puts positivity in motion. Good things happen. People are attracted to enthusiasm.

Bottom_Namaste1Throughout the years, I’ve had the good fortune of practicing yoga all across the world. I’ve savasana’ed in studios from SoHo to Silicon Valley and even baddha-koñasana’ed in Budapest. One day, I was heading in to my regular 6 pm Bikram yoga class after a jam-packed day, and in walked Wayne Dyer! It’s not normally in my nature to be star struck, but to me, Dr. Dyer borders on deity. This best-selling author and world renowned motivational speaker is one of my all-time favorite people. I’ve read his books, listened to his podcasts and meditated to his mantras. Being near him was incredible, motivational and awe-inspiring. Even if what I was experiencing was some imaginary form of osmosis, I felt stronger just being next to him and my yoga practice was better than ever.

Yes, I’ve fallen off the proverbial yoga wagon at times in my life when exercise would move to the back burner. We’ve all had to reprioritize things due to more important commitments that occasionally take precedence. Birthing two children comes to mind, as does breaking both of my arms simultaneously (definitely a major set back). So does being enthusiastically eager to focus on evangelizing entrepreneurship. We all need support to stay on track. The trick is to use the right tools when we need them. Consistency and planning does manifest success.

Life is about evolving. Today I got back into my yoga routine and instead of wearing my 80’s-inspired Jane-Fonda-meets-Sandra-Dee garb from yesteryear, I donned my go-to Nesh Lace Bralette and Seamed Crop Leggings. They’re multi-functional, look awesome, feel amazing and I can literally go from work to warrior pose within minutes. And streamlining time management is always a bonus; especially for us busy entrepreneurs ;).

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