Storytelling Trumps Selling

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Transparency is the new black. I’ve always been what I would consider transparent. Admittedly at times it has been to my detriment. Like that time early in my career when I first launched my own PR firm and I candidly told a client (and a friend at the time) about my spouse’s forthcoming promotion and raise (cha-ching!). Unfortunately that translated into me no longer needing a raise. Ever. But that’s a story for another time ;). Fortunately, it was early in my career, I enjoyed the work, and it parlayed into other high profile clients who believed in just compensation. In the end it all works out!

So this year I’ve committed to opening my heart and opening my mind to sharing my story, even more than ever. After all, how can you possibly reach your dreams if you keep them all to yourself?

Who’s with me? Truth be told, lots of businesses and forward-thinking entrepreneurs are recognizing the value of storytelling. Authenticity creates connections. It builds trust. And, well, that leads to long-lasting relationships. Relationships in business are what make people and organizations thrive.

In a recent interview with Guy Kawazaki, his co-author, Peg Fitzgerald of The Art of Social Media, said, “Everything is storytelling—everyone is telling their story through visual representation. And, the best is when…. your fans, ambassadors, and evangelists start to create your media for you because they love your brand…”.

That’s when everyone wins.

As humans we are wired to connect emotionally. And whether we like to admit it or not, we all have a voyeur inside of us that is driven by aspiration and curiosity. We want to be a part of something bigger, better, more meaningful. Facebook’s viral nature is validation.

Storytelling is an art. It shapes your brand. And when it’s genuine it can be incredibly powerful.

So this year I am sharing lots of stories that will help us connect. Personal and professional. They are meant to inspire you to share your own story, nurture your connections and foster genuine relationships in your own business.

I hope you are ready for this incredible ride.

In the words of entrepreneur Donald Trump: “If your Business is not a Brand, it is a Commodity.”




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